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Piano tone coloring & concert piano preparation

Repairs & Action Regulation

To original factory specifications

Complete or Partial Rebuilding

Including, but not limited to, new keytops (sharps & naturals), new action parts, new hammers, dampers, new tuning pin block & soundboard installation, bridge recapping & repinning, & restringing. Original decals & hardware polishing or re-plating put the finishing touch on any restorative process.

Period Restorations

Do you love that antique look? We can restore full modern functionality & playability without losing that old world appeal.


We offer only the highest quality, industry standard, hand rubber lacquer finishes in just about any sheen or color. Oil or varnish finishes are available for period pieces. Have an idea for a two color finish? We can most likely accommodate you, just ask. After all, this is a custom rebuilding service, so have it your way!